Webservice integration examples with WEM

Discover the different integrations with large and well known databases in the Netherlands

Project examples with WEM

Discover some examples projects created with WEM

Most important WEM features

  • Custom Software without programming; With WEM you don’t need programmers to create your software: logical process thinking is all that is required to increase the talent pool to help create your software exponentially. No programmers, infrastructure, backups or technology for you to worry about.
  • Business driven; With WEM, your business drives its own information needs. No need for lengthy explanations to the IT-team about your industry, processes or innovative ideas.
  • Process based; WEM is process based, the platform translates your modeled process into the software you need. Change the process and your software automatically changes with it. Software that keeps up with the rate of change of your business.
  • Integration; Integrate your WEM projects with your existing applications with only little effort. Whatever interface your current software provides chances are that WEM includes the standards to make it work (SOAP, REST, OData, Http(s), file import/export.
  • Enterprise ready; WEM offers many features that enable large organizations to integrate the platform into their existing environment. From single sign-on to disaster recovery and from performance monitoring to big-data integration. WEM is ready to support your current and future enterprise needs.
  • All-in one solution; WEM comes with all required hosting, maintenance, security, infrastructure, backup, service levels, storage, disaster recovery and so much more.
  • Platform independent; The software created with the WEM platform is based on the HTML5 standard and has full support for any client device using that standard. Including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphone and even smart devices like TV's.
  • Mobile; Published WEM projects are fully functional on all mobile platforms and can easily be converted into hybrid apps that can be submitted to the mobile app-stores.
  • Responsive design; WEM automatically makes your applications responsive, this assures that your applications work on all devices and all platforms using all capabilities the client device offers.
  • Trusted computing; WEM advanced features include multiple datacenters, continuous security scans, compliance to privacy regulations and advanced monitoring capabilities. This means you can fully trust that your applications and data are safe, secure and most important can be trusted to work right.